Bibliographic Essays


Iā€™m a big citations nerd, so Geeky Pedagogy includes extensive end notes. These bibliographic essays contain further discussion and references on selected topics.

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Introduction Bibliographic Essay Graduate School Training for College Teaching | Introversion & Introverts | Geeks and Nerds in Contemporary Discourse: Problematic Popular Depictions | Geek Gatekeeping | Popular Representations of Teachers and Teaching | Effective Teaching

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chapter 1: awareness

Chapter 1 Bibliographic Essay Mindfulness | Identity is Important | Learning is Hard | Who Are Students Are | Who We Are

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chapter 2: preparation

Chapter 2 Bibliographic Essay Employment Status & Preparation | Active Learning, Learner-Centered, and Flipped Classrooms | Instructor Presence, Communities of Inquiry, & Silent Pedagogy | The First Day | Teaching with Social Media | Academic Honesty

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Chapter 3: reflection

Chapter 3 Bibliographic Essay Student Evaluations of Teaching (SET): Biases | Student Evaluations of Teaching: Additional Complexities & Reframing the Debate |Statements of Teaching Philosophy | Gratitude Practices

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chapter 4: support

Chapter 4 Bibliographic Essay Work-Life Balance in Academia | Stress & Support for Underrepresented Faculty | Legal Issues & Organized Academic Labor | Buffy Studies

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chapter 5: practice

Chapter 5 Bibliographic Essay Star Trek! Consumerism and Economics | Cultural Studies | Embodied Identity: Race & Ethnicity | Embodied Identity: Sexuality & Gender | Embodied Identity: Intersectional Studies | Fan Studies | History | Literary Analysis | Religious Studies and Philosophy | Political Science and Politics | Psychology | Scholarship on Teaching & Learning | Technology and Science

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