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Jessamyn Neuhaus talks with local podcaster Matthew Waite about being a bookworm, teaching and learning, and “Magic: The Gathering.” Click here to listen to this episode of “Why Waite? Innovate.”


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Paying homage to geek culture touchstones in a post for the West Virginia University Press blog “Booktimist:” “Nerd Alert: Reflections on Quoting Geek Culture in Geeky Pedagogy

“Every college professor should read this book. It is useful, accessible, lively, and humorous. It is not ideological or pedantic but is instead a practical guide to becoming a better professor for those of us who never desired to read a book about pedagogy.” —David Arnold, Columbia Basin College


Jessamyn Neuhaus talks progressive pedagogy & teaching as an introvert with Human Restoration Project. Click here to listen to the podcast. Click here to read transcript.


Geeky Pedagogy shout-out from Inside Higher Ed’s roundup of Fall 2019 university press books: Scott McLemee, “All Fall,” Inside Higher Ed


Listen to Jessamyn Neuhaus talk geeky pedagogy on the Tea for Teaching podcast with John Kane and Rebecca Mushtare, SUNY Oswego.


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