My highly interactive workshops on Geeky Pedagogy-related topics offer practical, evidence-based tools for increasing student learning and empowering teaching self-efficacy. For faculty groups of any size from 5 to 50.

  • Geek Out About Teaching: How Intellectuals and Scholars Become Effective Educators

  • Geeky Pedagogy for Diverse Faculty and in Disparate Teaching Realities

  • Gratitude Practices: A Practical Tool for Empowering Teachers in Higher Education

  • Put on Your Professor Pants: Teaching Strategies for Introverts, Geeks, and Shrinking Violets

I pay close attention to the myriad ways that employment status, campus culture, and identity—race, ethnicity, age, gender expression, socioeconomic class, sexual identity, and so on—shape teaching and learning. All of my workshops reflect this awareness and offer extensive opportunities for faculty brainstorming, discussion, and reflection about how to utilize a geek culture of sharing pedagogy in every unique teaching context. I will tailor my workshop to your needs. Let’s talk!

Reading Groups

At its heart, scholarship of teaching and learning is people who care about teaching talking to other people who care about teaching, and helping each other learn. Faculty learning communities and reading groups are one of the best ways to do this. I love talking to other people about teaching generally and about Geeky Pedagogy in particular. Together we’ll engage in honest reflection about the hard work it takes to teach effectively, from the perspective of a geek/introvert/nerd. In the process we’ll offer each other a lot of encouragement and support because I believe that anyone who wants to be an effective teacher can be, period. Let’s talk!


If you are looking for a keynote speaker to discuss evidence-based teaching and learning techniques from the perspective of an intellectual pedagogy geek with 20+ years in the classroom—with absolutely NO jargon, humorless pontificating, or terminal pomposity—look no further. In this talk, titled Geeky Pedagogy: Use Your Big Brain for Effective College Teaching, I explain how faculty can apply their intellectual prowess towards acquiring pedagogical content knowledge. I argue that the super-smart intellectuals, introverts, nerds, eggheads, and wonks teaching in academia must also “geek out” about pedagogy, and use their passion for scholarly subjects to fuel effective teaching practices. I can tailor my keynote to your needs. Let’s talk!